yasmin typing
my vinyl collection !!
machine girl stamp megpoid gumi i hate mtv baby metal surf punk mommy long legs jazmin bean aggretsuko dj pon 3
softscars yeule punk raver i love music its ok to drop dead
puppy yeule- softscars
puppy machine girl - bc i'm young arrogant and hate everything you stand for
puppy big blcak- racer-x
puppy grimes - art angels
puppy the ramones - self tiled
puppy sonic dragolgo - my sweet honey bunny
puppy debby friday- bitchpunk / death drive
puppy pink floyd - the wall
puppy asian glow - stalled flutes, means
puppy babes in toyland - spanking machine
puppy weatherday - come in
puppy denzel curry - TA13OO
puppy melody's echo chamber - self titled
Vocaloid - Gumi